A Great Space

Every Monday through Friday morning, billions of people wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast and commute to the office. For those of us not working from home, it’s a familiar, automatic routine. Upon arrival, we settle in at our desks, turn on our computers and dive into the day’s activities. Although people may not give it much thought, the environment in which we work has a direct effect on everything we do, from productivity to general job attitude.

The typical workplace arrangement is a maze of cubicles, personal offices, supply rooms and storage space. Departments are separated, and it’s not uncommon for employees to go hours, even days, without seeing each other. Closed doors act as barriers, keeping people out and causing them to knock if something is urgent.

Now imagine working in a cutting-edge, modern 12,000 square-foot facility. Music of all genres plays in the background, as people take turns making their selections on Pandora. That’s what you’ll find here at Auqeo! Unlike traditional establishments, replete with partitions and windowless rooms, we’ve replaced the typical Cube Land structure with an open-plan design. This set-up fosters creativity, and encourages our employees to engage in frequent collaborations with one another.

The benefits of an open-office floor plan are numerous. Having an unobstructed communication platform gives employees useful insight into neighboring divisions. Coworkers get to know each other fairly quickly, leading feelings of unity and positive team spirit. Operations run more efficiently with everyone being in the same space.

What do our employees think of this arrangement? Read on:

“It’s easier to talk to everyone. You can just turn around with your questions or comments and get an immediate reply. It’s instant collaboration.”

“If you have questions, you can communicate easily.”

“You have transparency and visibility, not only hearing conversations, but with interactions you’re able to witness. It allows you to see things at face value and gets rid of false perceptions.”

We love our open plan for all of the aforementioned reasons and more. Does this sound appealing to you? Would you like to join the Auqeo! team? Fill out our contact form today; a bright future awaits.


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